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Mutually Agreed Upon Sexual Activity


Sexual desire is (in most cases) a normal part of all healthy human; males and female lives.

During disasters and crisis sex is the quiet secret happening in the background even though it is rarely spoken of. Like anything that is important in life that goes unspoken and not prepared for; bad results occur when you are unprepared.  Everyone who wishes to practice and prepare for disasters and crisis needs to consider sex in their plan.

If you doubt the idea that sex needs to be part of your preparedness and survival plan consider these statistics:

  • Pregnancies spike after serious disasters and crisis
  • Unprotected sex
  • Apocalyptic sex - 
  • "Well the world is ending so"
  • "Hold me I am so scared ….. "
  • "If I am going to die I want to do it first….. "
  • You would not believe the crazy things that people do when they are disoriented, scared and feeling helpless.

During Hurricane Katrina and Sandy's aftermath women were offering sex on Craigslist in trade for gasoline, food and generators. People revert to the most basic forms of power, manipulation and vice when their entire world is turned upside down.

Explore with us the ways to limit the downside and increase both your survivability and safety while doing it.


Sexual Assault Rape and Molestation


Sexual assaults and rape of women, children, babies and even men occur at alarming rates at the height of a disaster or crisis and increase in the hours and days immediately following the threat.

At a time that you would expect people to come together and help each other (and many do) others commit heinous crimes against people leaving permanent physical and psychological scars far exceeding the damage and loss of property experienced as a direct result of the crisis itself.

Read the stories regarding Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. You will learn why so many people bought guns after Katrina and why women disproportionately were buying them.  These disasters have brought the reality to light that we are the only one that can protect ourselves and our families. The illusion that the government and police will protect us is just that. No slight to the good officers and agents that serve the people, but simply put when the S*#t hits the fan they will not be there to save you. There are not enough of them, nor are they able if they were to be there in time. Prepare to protect yourself.


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